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BA(Hons), MA(Clinical Psychology), PhD, Dip (Cognitive behavior therapy) 

I became involved in EMDR when a colleague, the first person in the UK to receive training in the UK, John Spector, invited me to a London training by Francine. I became a facilitator – a support, specially trained clinician, on the American trainings. Over time, EMDR UK and Ireland was created and with other colleagues I became a Trainer. The now thriving EMDR Association was created and I was the second Chair person of the Committee, as well as the membership secretary over time.

My background is as a Clinical Psychologist, trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I worked as an NHS  Consultant in north London. During my time in the NHS I also achieved a  diploma in CBT at UCL in London. My professional background has always stood me in good stead in using EMDR.

When I left the NHS I established the first private organisation that offered evidence based treatment to people from all backgrounds and origins. Moving Minds Psychological Management and Rehabilitation had a national reach and all referrals were managed by psychological graduates or post-graduates, rather than administrative staff.

Moving Minds was sold just before the COVID-19 pandemic started. I have since then dedicated myself to small group EMDR Trainings, professional consultation and supervision in EMDR for NHS clinicians trained in EMDR, and EMDR treatment.

Most people receiving EMDR very much take to it when they are well prepared and understand how it works.

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